About us

The reason we preserve flowers is pretty simple. Real flowers last a week or two at max, they have very short life expectancy. Although flowers are a great gift choice for any occasion, whether it’s for a birthday, a get well soon gift, mothers day, valentines day or any other occasion that comes to mind. They are a waste of money.
Now if only flowers would last more than a week or two. Well now that’s the reason why we preserved flowers. To be able to have such a beautiful earthly creation, frozen in time to last an “eternity”. The reason the noun ‘Eternity’ is being used, is because 3-5 years is far-flung from a week or two.

Why roses

Did you know roses are the most popular flower in the world? ProFlowers ‘History and Meaning Behind Red Roses’ article states that “It’s probably safe to say there’s no more prevalent or enduring symbol of love and beauty in Western culture than red roses.”, and that isn’t false seeing that there is over ‘250 million roses’ sold on valentine’s day alone.